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Glow in the Park

Glow in the Park

NPD technologists Hattie & Rosy, Technologist Tammy & husband Kai and Process Technologist Chris all dressed in their brightest outfits to run 5km in the dark to help raise money for charity. The event, that has multiple locations and dates around the UK, encourages people to dress in fluorescent fancy dress and run, dance, jog or walk 5km through park land all in the name of charity.

Team MB were introduced to this event by the Children’s Hospice South West after kindly being asked to donate some flapjacks to fuel the runners along the course. It was lovely for us to have a small number of our team able to attend the race to show our support further. Although Team MB are not avid runners, they fully embraced the opportunity to dance 5km showing off some very interesting moves and some moves that can only be described as Dad dancing. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended and Hattie thought the event was “super fun and exciting” especially as they were joined in the dance tent by a group of glow in the dark minions.

They have all managed to remove the glow in the dark paint from their faces ready for work but the preparations for next year’s outfits and team name have already begun. If you attended the event we would love to know what you thought of it and see you pictures.

If you would like to sign up and take part in any of the remaining Glow in the Park events, please visit their website.

Last update: Apr 21, 2015

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