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Five…. Gold… (Mince Pie) Rings….!

Five…. Gold… (Mince Pie) Rings….!

Christmas is round the corner! There is no better way than to invite friends and family into your home with the delicious aroma of fresh mince pies.

This year, we have unfortunately eaten ALL our mince pies ourselves! So, it is up to you to get them in the oven.

Prepare or buy your favourite pastry, depending on how much time you have, and cut out the cases to line the tray. Now, if you want to present your class it is said to use a flat edge pastry cutter. The fluted edge cutters are said to be used for those of lower classes. Either way they still taste amazing!

Have your homemade mincemeat at the ready or purchase a good jar from your local farm shop, and fill the cases liberally.  Do not be shy with the spoon here. Depending on how wet your mincemeat is, place a smaller shape on top to reduce the pie bursting with juice in the oven. We sometimes like to use a star shape, but other Christmassy shapes will suffice.

Finish the mince pies off with a sprinkling of sugar and serve warm.

Sit back, relax and indulge yourself this Christmas.

The MB Team x

Last update: Feb 20, 2015