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Bath Boules- Match Day!

Bath Boules- Match Day!

On the 18th of June the Marshfield Bakery team headed over to Queens Square in Bath to take part in the annual event Bath Boules. With the pre boules party the night before some of the team may have not had the clearest of heads however everyone was excited to take part in the competition.As we arrived we could spot many people dressed in fancy dress ready to go, with the Star Wars cast and a bunch of where’s Wally’s practicing their Boules techniques.

First up! Bella, Ben and Chris! 

With half of the team having previously played last year we felt confident in having a successful few games. The first game didn’t quite go to plan… With their game faces on Ben (sales), Chris (Technical) and Bella (intern) took to the Piste. This was a close game and unfortunately the opposition managed to take the lead. The second game was more successful; Hattie (NPD), Hannah (NPD) and Harriet (Sales) won this round.

The day continued at a similar rate, we finished the day winning only 2 out of 6 games! However it was great day, the weather stayed pleasant and the Pimm’s was certainly flowing. We hope everyone taking part in the event had a great and successful day. We better start practicing for next year! 

Round 2! Harriet, Hannah and Hattie (The H Factor)

Great Day! Better luck next time Marshfield! 

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Last update: Jun 27, 2016