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FAB Dinner, Dance and Auction!

FAB Dinner, Dance and Auction!

The evening started with a champagne reception, followed by a three course meal. The whole team were dressed to impress! Each table place was set with a Marshfield mini selection bag as a treat for guests to take home with them. 20 of us attended from Marshfield Bakery and were spread out over two tables, swapping places in between courses to sit next to others and socialise throughout the evening. After dinner, we heard about the charity itself and what the proceeds of the evening would go towards, some great talks. Frenchay After Burns (FAB) is an independent charity that provides continuous support to burn injured children and their families from injury through to adulthood.

Once the food was eaten and the drink was flowing it was time for the auction, with some amazing prizes donated by businesses ranging up to a week-long getaway for 5 people to a wine tasting course for 12. The Marshfield Bakery team were keen to get involved; Paul White (founder) bought a day at Rolls Royce with a tour a lunch included, while Chris Conway (technologist) bagged himself high tea for two at Whitehall Garden centre – The prize of a life time (questionable at £70, eek!). A surprise entry was also announced at the end of the auction – That Marshfield Bakery would donate to the highest bidder their own body weight in flapjack! We wish the winner the best of luck, and we’re sure he will be very popular over the next few months!

The rest of the evening consisted of dancing, singing and plenty more prosecco. Thank you to Frenchay After Burns for a FAB night we hope a lot was raised and look forward to future events! 

Last update: Jul 18, 2016